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"At last, an organization and instructors that can explain these topics in a manner that I can understand. Issues with eldercare are complex as there's the issue itself plus the understanding by the senior and sometimess their family. Eldercare Education Institute is the first organization that we've found that educates and is not selling something else."

Eldercare Education Institute was formed to provide quality continuing education to seniors, their adult children and eldercare porfessional utilizing professionals and educators in the field as instructors who are active in their profession and have a track record of excellence.

We are active in several groups and professional organizations in San Diego county events on an ongoing basis primarily in Southern California. Larger events are planned to be held held annually.  Please check back for updates.

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What Topics to Expect:
  • -Starting buy propecia the Discussion
  • -Senior Financial Abuse, from Prevention to investigation
  • -Embracing priligy online Technology to have a Comfortable Life
  • -Health Care and the New Health Care Laws
  • we get feedback from you

Free Tips

The following tips can help you in many ways. Unfortunately, our world is complex and these issues cannot be reduced to a paragraph or 30-second sound bite. If one of the these tips applies to you, check it out with a qualified professional in that area. Our seminars may cover some of these topics with qualified professionals as the speaker. This page is updated continously.


We provide educational classes and seminars .......

Many sessions will be focused to the Eldercare professionals in order to give them the needed information to better serve their clients.


No events are currently on the calendar.

Some upcoming events:

  • Nutrition and exercise. Learn the truth about nutrition
  • Starting the Discussion
  • Medi-Cal qualification
  • Life-Time buy clomid online Learning...Continuous Education
  • Modeling buy levitra or re-modeling your home for safety and practicality
  • Excel kamagra online and other Microsoft Office programs for the senior
  • Managing buy clomid Arthritis for Better Flexibility and Strength